June 2003 our RCMI received the official admission document by Rotary International, duly signed by the International President.

The Club was founded upon the initiative of Rotary Milano Nord-Ovest  (two founders were members of this club, Mr. Pontremoli and Mr. Scarioni), while Mr. Lo Torto joined from Rotary Milano Scala. 
The founders received the task to create the new Club by 2002-2003 District Governor Paolo Moretti.         

The new Club had the purpose to suggest rotarian positive answers to some remarks:

  1. The professional composition of many clubs is showing high concentration of specific professional categories and lack of others.
  2. Among the club members, young people are often missing, as well as foreign people and business women.
  3. The annual club fee has reached in some cases high levels, inaccessible for potential new members (in particular the youngest and the oldest).
  4. The meeting time often occurs in the middle of the business day making the attendance difficult for those who work outside town or have small children.
  5. In the evening it is sometimes tough to participate to dinners andevents that end late.
  6. It quite often happens that during the dinner the friendly relationships are bonded, but the Speaker Guest does not get the proper time and attention.
  7. To increase the relationship among its members, our club started meeting at one of our member’s studio.  The idea came from the fact that in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois (USA) Mr. Paul Harris (at 37 years old) together with three of his friends founded the first Rotary Club in the world.   The name was chosen because at the beginning it was a standard habit to meet in rotation at the office of each member.  At a later time, when the members where too many to fit all in one office, it was decided to meet for lunch or dinner at a different location.



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Via del Carmine, 8 - Milano
at Palazzo Cusani
Antonella Gabriele (Club Secretary)
C.F. 97355930153


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