Yesterday evening, Tuesday, June 26, 2018, at the beautiful location of Diana Sheraton Majestic, took place the transfer of the institutional position from both the past Presidents, of the Rotary Club Milano International, Alfio Morone, and of the Rotary Club Milano Net, Graziella Ruspi, to the new President of the newborn Rotary Club Milano International - Net, Fabio Di Venosa.

Fabio collects the legacy of two great Presidents who have had the merit of merging two important and established realities as were their clubs of origin. Alfio and Graziella have well understood the meaning of "making a system" between the parties and their members.

Now is officially born a new club composed of many members who will have to know each other and to learn how carry on together important projects.

Great success among members and guests for this funny evening  full of awards and thanks. Many Paul Harris were assigned for merit and many gift from the past presidets to their assets.

We were also very happy to have with us the young people of the project Rotary Camp "youth exchange" . The internationality of our Club has been well represented also in this moment of celebration.

We wish to Fabio a big good luck for the coming year. A year where he'll come the main protagonist of a great change that will mark the growth of the whole club!

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